Players, fans have fun at State B Basketball Tournament

Players, fans have fun at State B Basketball Tournament

SPOKANE, Wash. - When the State B Basketball Tournament rolls into town each year, you can expect one thing: die-hard fans in the stands.

Fans like Stephanie Maldonado, covered in face paint, cheering on the Three Rivers Christian School Eagles.

On Friday morning the Eagles took on Cedar Park Christian.

Only 100 kids go to the Three Rivers Christian School, but you wouldn't know it by the turnout. The school is small in size, but not in spirit.

"When you get the face paint and jerseys and all your friends, like, then you don't look stupid," said Maldonado.

Stephanie and her friends ditched school for three days to cheer on the Eagles. Even if they don't win, the team still made the record book. It's the school's first ever trip to the State B Tournament.

"They just want to get this one so badly, just want to prove that a little school can make it," said Maldonado.

The team's efforts paid off, as the Eagles tasted championship victory for the first time ever at the Spokane Arena.

"It was insane, this experience is just amazing. It's awesome to come out here and play with my teammates, we have been playing since middle school," said Three Rivers player Danny Hull.

Hull describes the experience as "insane."

"It's been our destiny, that's what we wanted to do," Hull said.

But the Eagles didn't do it alone; they had a small, but rowdy, sixth man.

"These fans are the best, they are amazing. They drove eight hours to get here and cheer for us. It's awesome," Hull said.