Photoboxx looks to plug into Instagram market

Photoboxx looks to tap into Instagram market

SPOKANE, Wash. - 200 million people worldwide have heard of Instagram, the picture sharing social media app that boasts more than 20 billion photos shared using its software. Now a local company called Photoboxx is looking to tap into that global market.

Here's how Photoboxx works: Say you're planning an event, a guest at the event can snap a picture on Instagram using a specific hashtag and then, about a minute later, the picture prints out on a photobox. Your guest gets to keep the print and you have endless possibilities for marketing not only your event, but your brand.

Owners Michael Fisk and Devon Lind spent about a year, and plenty of their own money starting Photoboxx and the concept behind it is pretty simple.

"At an event people are already taking photos. They are taking pictures with their camera but there is no real incentive for them to use that company or the brand for that event's hashtag," Fish said.

Photoboxx gives them an incentive as the people taking pictures get to keep their Polaroid-like print. But the business side of Photoboxx is maybe the best part

"Is basically funneling all the pictures into one location all organized in a hashtag which then pushes that brand out to all of their followers," Fisk explained.

Local companies are already giving Photoboxx a shot. For example, Lind and Fish already setup at the Hoopfest 25th Anniversary tip-off party, the Gonzaga University gala and the Earl Thomas Super Bowl party

"Those three events probably on social media, those hashtags reached over 50,000 people and it is just crazy the amount of marketing on social media you can do," Lind said.

While the fine details are being ironed out, the guys recently made a deal with CenturyLink to provide their service at Hoopfest so look for them there.