Pest control companies go to war against yellow jackets

Pest control companies go to war against yellow jackets

SPOKANE, Wash. - Prime Pest Control went to battle in the Wandermere area Friday afternoon with chemicals, a backpack, and a spray gun. The battleground was the eaves and cracks of the home. The enemy: Yellow jackets.

Paul Nibarger and Lance Freeman with Prime Pest Control are already receiving hundreds of calls to attack yellow jackets, hornets, and paper wasps. Experts say it's the best time of year to cripple these pests' forces, before they build their army.

"Then if they land on our treatment and we kill one of them, that's one less hive we have to deal with later," Nibarger said.

Nibarger's been battling yellow jackets for 12 years. Last year was the worst he's seen. Because there were so many, it increases the chances those queens made it through the winter. It means this summer could be just as bad.

"Last year was an incredible year, so we'll see if it compares with last year but we're definitely getting a lot of calls," Nibarger said.

Multiple pest control companies say it's a little earlier than usual to see this many yellow jackets flying around.

It's why Nibarger and Freeman will keep moving pushing forward, to the next battleground.

"It'll save a lot of trouble down the road and the year," said Nibarger.