Pay it Forward: Donate fans to help keep seniors cool this summer

Pay it Forward: Donate fans to help keep seniors cool this summer

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The hot weather can be dangerous for everyone, especially seniors, which is why Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels is asking the public to chip in to donate fans to help keep seniors cool this summer.

Many of the seniors Meals on Wheels serves don't have air conditioning so a simple fan would be their only way to keep cool.

One of those seniors is Christine Fraijo, who doesn't have any air conditioning and just one overhead fan for circulation in her home.

On Friday Meals on Wheels dropped off a fan along with her lunch.

"I'm on disability and I don't get a lot of money for those kinds of things, to me that is very special, I just think of how much longer I am going to live and a fan like that is going to help me," she said.

But Farijo got the last fan, so Meals on Wheels needs more of them to share with other seniors in the area.

"This year we had a few to start with but as the heat continued we have more and more calls and no fans left," Pam Alemeda with Meals on Wheels said.

The non-profit delivers 400 meals each day to local seniors and during the summer they drop off fans as well.

"The hardest thing is telling someone you can't give them something they really need," Alemeda said.

It's not just for comfort but for the health of the seniors as well.

If you can help, you're asked to drop off a new or used fan to Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels, located near the intersection of Sprague and Pines in Spokane Valley.