Parking meters migrating through downtown Spokane

Parking meters migrating through downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Parking meters in downtown Spokane are being shifted around, much to the frustration of some drivers.

The city recently removed card-accepting meters and replaced them with coin-only along the streets between First Avenue and Sprague, and the Ridpath Hotel to the Intermodal Center.

Drivers who had come to rely on using their cards say it's a frustrating change.

"Usually I don't have coins, and a lot of times I use a card," said driver Kelsey Baker. Davida Haynes agrees.

"I think it's a lot more feasible and easier if they had cards," Haynes said. "Not everyone has change in their pockets, it makes it a lot harder to feed the meters and not get tickets."

But the city says the move is mostly economical, hoping to please locals in higher volume areas.

"It's more cost effective. There is some upfront cost and monthly maintenance, so it makes more sense from a maintenance standpoint to put them in areas where there is higher usage," said Brian Coddington with the city.

The city says that later this summer all downtown meters will have a feature to pay through an app on your cell phone using a credit card.