Park rangers crack down on unleashed dogs

SPOKANE, Wash. - A walk in the park may not be so nice if you take your dog without a leash.

Starting this weekend, Spokane County Park Ranger, Bryant Robinson and SCRAPS will be patrolling local parks and trail heads encouraging dog owners to keep their four legged friends on a leash.

The county received a 140-thousand dollar grant to make the dog leash emphasis patrol a reality.

Park rangers crack down on unleashed dogs

"We want to make sure that all these folks have an opportunity to come out and enjoy these properties and not have a bad experience with a dog that is off the leash," said Bryant Robinson, Spokane County Park Ranger.

Robinson said he receives about a dozen calls a week about unleashed dogs causing problems.

Unleashead dogs can quickly get themselves and their owners in trouble.

"We have cougar and bear, moose, skunks, critters that really this is their home," said Robinson

"For example a moose, genetically hate dogs- they will go out of your way to attack your dog wether it's on the leash or not. And, if they are coming to you that's a big problem," he said.

If your dog isn't on a leash expect a $87 dollar ticket. And, if your dog isn't licensed, with an up to date rabies shot, tack on extra $200.

"We all have to work together and that's really the essence of the program and the grant is to get a diverse group of users together and enjoy an area in harmony," said Robinson.