Parents on alert after luring attempts

SPOKANE, Wash. - Multiple reports of child luring last week have parents concerned as police are continuing their search for the suspect in a South Hill luring incident.

That incident happened Friday, the day after Jose Galvan was arrested for the same crime.

The 3400 block of North Crestline is near an elementary school and sees heavy traffic from students going to and from school in the morning and afternoon, and it's where Galvan allegedly attempt to lure a student into his vehicle, an incident that led to his arrest.

Galvan made his first attempt earlier Thursday morning near the intersection of Dalton and Monroe.

Police said the second victim did just what she should have by contacting authorities; her quick thinking was what allowed them to arrest him.

"What went right was that our victim in this location was able to provide an absolutely great description of the suspect and she was able to get to a well lit, well populated area, this is a well traveled road, she went to a safe location where she was able to call police for help," Spokane Police Officer Teresa Fuller said.

Fuller said parents need to know where and when their kids are traveling, adding that kids should never travel alone, always in pairs, and stick to the exact same route every day.

If you're concerned about suspicious activity in your neighborhood call Crime Check at 456-2233.