Pages of Harmony serenade Valentines across Spokane

Pages of Harmony serenade Valentines across Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Many Valentine's Day gestures are overdone: A box of chocolates, a dozen roses. But there's one special old school gift that's still very much in fashion: A singing valentine from a barbershop quartet.

The Pages of Harmony made the rounds Friday, delivering great music and a few laughs along the way. One of their stops took them to Manner Care in West Spokane to surprise Caroline. It's safe to say she was surprised.

"This is lovely its wonderful … I just ... I am trying to keep the tears back," she said.

Caroline's serenade came courtesy of her daughter and granddaughter.

"Thank you so much. I just can't find the words," she said. "Never in my life did I have something like this."

"It almost brings tears to our eyes at times when we see the reactions people get from our singing," Gary Bumgarner with Pages of Harmony said.

Next the Pages were off to downtown Spokane to surprise James Sporleder.

"Are you serious? This is amazing," he said. "I am just completely blown away. My wife is an amazing woman and she knows that I am a big romantic."

His wife Teresa knows how much he loves barbershop quartet.

"I was hoping that this would be a nice surprise for Valentine's Day," Teresa said.

It's just another day's work for the boys of Pages of Harmony. For more information on the barbershop quartet, click here.