Over 40 residents displaced by apartment fire

Over 40 residents displaced by apartment fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - Saturday's two-alarm fire in at the North Atlantic Apartments was one of the worst firefighters have encountered this year. The units on the top floor were completely destroyed. The tenants living on the bottom were allowed back into their homes Friday to salvage what they could, but if it wasn't destroyed by fire it was heavily damaged by smoke and water.

"Just, everything is gone," said James Betsinger, one of more than forty people displaced by the fire. He's no stranger to news interviews; just three days ago KXLY spoke to Betsinger outside his home that is now gone. He was the man caught on surveillance video protecting a small child from a loose dog and was bit several times.

"Been a very tough week, been a very tough week. Luckily our step daughter has her own apartment, so we are just going to stay over there and just try and rebuild and start over," said Betsinger.

The Red Cross is helping him and the ten other families that are now without a home. However, The Red Cross can only do so much, especially with more than forty victims.

April Kinney to the rescue.

"There are some jeans, and a hoodie," Kinney said as she rummaged through a box of donations sitting in her garage.

She knows the manager of the North Atlantic Apartments. When she heard what was needed she jumped into action. She's created a Facebook group called North Atlantic fire recovery. So far she's got a lot of donations, but really needs furniture and a place to store it all.

"I have got clothes coming from every other direction, but no furniture. I don't want to stop clothes from coming, but we need furniture. They need beds and couches, cribs and playpens. Toys would be really nice. I know they are not a necessity, but you know these kids have been through a lot," she said.

For people like James Betsinger, the help April is trying to provide, keeps them going.

"I always have to try and find the positive in the negative," Betsinger said.