Out of cash, Cancer Patient Care ceases operations

SPOKANE, Wash. - Cancer Patient Care, which has been in financial trouble for several months now, has suspended operations due to declining funding.

Dr. Arvind Chaudhry, president of the board for Cancer Patient Care, confirmed the board voted to suspend operations at a June 28 meeting. A sign on the door at their offices indicates they ceased operations July 1.

Chaudhry confirmed it came down to the organization's funding. They were not receiving enough donations or grants to continue operations.

Last November the organization was in dire financial straits and at the time, executive director Melissa Halverson said their options were to file for bankruptcy, close their doors or receive a major influx of donations to keep their operations going.

Since then, they moved their offices, cut their staff but were not able to remain solvent in order to continue treating the 400 clients they serve every month.

Dr. Chaudhry said he is recommending their clients to visit other non-profit organizations or cancer treatment centers for assistance.