Opting for a different kind of hunt on Black Friday

Opting for a different kind of hunt on Black Friday

Spokane, Wash. - As millions of people flocked to stores on Friday looking for the deal the make their Christmas bright, others opted out and headed to the trails.

Cache Advance is a local group of Geo-Cachers, a high-tech game of hide and seek.  They met Friday morning on the outskirts of Riverside State Park in search of adventure instead of a bargain prices. 

They use GPS coordinates to hunt for the Geo-Cache containers which are hidden along trails and other outdoor areas.  The containers always have a logbook inside to sign and date.  Sometimes there are small trinkets to trade as well.

The group says the treasure hunt is a fun and unique way to opt outside on Black Friday and refocus on what this time of year is really about.

"The holidays are about community and family and such and what better way to spend the time than out on a hike with some friends and family," said Lisa Breitenfeldt.