One arrested in South Hill narcotics bust

SPOKANE, Wash. - SWAT narcotics raid

A raid by the Spokane SWAT team netted a drug dealer living in an apartment building on the corner of 7th Ave. and Ash on the lower South Hill around noon Friday.

The raid was a result of an ongoing effort by the Spokane Police Department's special investigation unit's lead detectives to get a search warrant for narcotics at the residence.

Because the suspect was believed to be armed swat used their Bearcat tactical vehicle..

"Obviously in a neighborhood, you have an armed, drug dealer if you will, that causes some concern," said Spokane Police Captain Dan Torok.

It only took the SWAT team moments before the suspect, 29-year-old David Hart, was taken into police custody. The five-time felon had a gun in his home at the time of his arrest.

Neighbors are thankful their calls and tips to the police department finally paid off.

"We want a nice safe place to live and it's unfortunate when just a few people have to ruin it for everybody," said James Council Robinson.

"I'm just glad that the police department did their job and just kept watching until they had their case built up then they made their move," he added.

In addition to the gun that was found, police also found an unknown quantity of meth in Hart's apartment.

"Well, we're always looking to move up the food chain to see who is supplying him but it certainly makes a difference. If you're the neighbor or you live in that neighborhood it certainly makes a difference," Torok said.

Hart could now face charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance. Police called this a good example of a non-visual investigation leading to a very visual arrest..

"We're out there working. Keep calling in the tips on the drug houses," Torok said.

There was a woman who was in and out of several apartments during the raid. Police say they will take a closer look at what she knew and decide if she will be charged along with Hart.