Olympic parents ready to watch daughter compete

SPOKANE, Wash. - Day three of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games is wrapping up and one local couple is packing their bags to fly across the pond to watch their daughter compete.

21-year-old Amanda Furrer is on the USA shooting team. She will be competing in the 3-position event with her .22 rifle. 

Her parents, Vicki and Michael Furrer, couldn't more proud, and now they are heading off to the UK to watch their daughter live out her dream and compete in her first Olympics.

Olympic parents ready to watch child compete

"Your kid becoming an Olympian is, I would guess, a bigger deal than you becoming an Olympian," dad Michael Furrer said. 

Amanda picked up a rifle at just 11 and by 16 she was on the national team.

"She has absolute enthusiasm and will power, very strong will power," Michael added. 

That power propelled her to the biggest stage of all, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. "When we first saw Amanda's Olympic jacket, that's the big deal," Michael said. 

"Over the years, how many times have we watched the Olympics and we watch the faces of the people that go by and you think wow, how exciting would it be to be there, and to know it's your daughter walking; it's the best feeling ever," Vicki said. 

Now, her parents are making the trek overseas. They have their bags packed and their passports, tickets and camera all ready. 

"Words can't express how excited you get to watch your child work this hard for something and now we are going to the Olympics," Vicki said. 

Amanda calls herself a girl of god, guns and glitter. "That's Amanda. Her personality is out there. She is bubbly and she is smiley," Vicki said.

She's smiling in London, living out her dream. "She'll do a 100 percent for the United States and we're proud of that," Michael said.

She is a "girlie girl" with a steady aim and a bright spirit, hoping to bring back to Spokane an extra special souvenir.

"The goal is a medal. Definitely that is her goal she wants it more than anything and she is going to try, try her best," Vicki said.

Amanda will be competing on Saturday, August 4th.