North Spokane water main bursts

SPOKANE, Wash - A huge mess in North Spokane was the result after a water main burst and broke a gas line. Neighbors were evacuated from their homes and left to wonder how bad the damage would be.

The break happened around 2 p.m. Along Houston Avenue between Belt and Nettleton Streets. By the time city and Avista crews got the water main and gas lines clamped, 700,000 gallons of water had flowed into the streets. One lane of Francis was closed due to the muck covering the road.

Becky Tiller was at work when her neighbor called to say she should rush home because it's probably flooded. 

North Spokane Water Main Break

"I'm afraid to go in there, I really am," Tiller said as firefighters kept her back from her house. "There's a swath of water that's done all the way probably through my house and around it."

Her house fared better than the neighbor who called her attention to the flooding; Teri Bauer's basement was under three inches of water.

"I was just like a river," Bauer recalled. "It did damage to the back yard, quite a bit with all the dirt and things and it just rushed right on through."

Bauer called her insurance company and a carpet cleaning company right away to begin the long process of cleaning up after a flood.

Fortunately for her and the rest of her neighbors the city of Spokane will be picking up the tab for any damage caused by the water main break.

A new 12-inch water main was installed Monday evening and crews think the gas line and repaving of the road will be finished by Tuesday afternoon.