North Spokane couple's fight takes deadly turn

SPOKANE, Wash. - The girlfriend of the man shot and killed after breaking into a house through a doggie door Wednesday is sad that Marshall Balduff is dead, but isn't defending him.

Balduff was shot and killed breaking into a North Spokane house Wednesday night, and Kim Blackmore, Balduff's girlfriend, said there was a history of domestic violence between them and in the last few days he threatened to kill her and her unborn child.

Then on Wednesday night something snapped.

North Spokane shooting

"He said he was going to come up and he was making threats," Blackmore said.

Blackmore was in the home making dinner with her two friends when Balduff started knocking on the door. The couple lived in a trailer behind the home, expecting their first child together, and had been fighting for several days.

"We were all scared. He said numerous times he was going to kill me and the baby," she said.

Balduff had a large knife with him while he pounded on the door. Blackmore said he wouldn't leave and persisted on trying to get in, eventually scrambling in through the doggie door.

At that point a man who lives in the home pointed a gun at Balduff and asked him to leave.

He wouldn't leave and Blackmore said he came towards her fri9end with a knife, saying 'Kill me.'

That's when Blackmore's friend shot him once in the chest.

By the time police and paramedics arrived Balduff was fading away.

"[He] was just so white and pale color, and then I knew there was something seriously wrong," Blackmore said.

Detectives said that story is the same one they're getting from witnesses. The people in the home at the time are claiming this was a case of self-defense, and no one has been taken into custody for the shooting and it's not anticipated that anyone will be.

At this point police are continuing their investigation into the case and will turn their findings over to prosecutors for their determination if this was a justified shooting.