New ordinance opens city positions for appointment

SPOKANE, Wash. - Major reorganization changes are sweeping City Hall after the Spokane City Council voted 4-3 to change the city's employment structure Monday evening.

Under the new organization structure, 6% of the city's workforce can be appointed by city leaders. The city says these changes will create more flexibility within city government but some say it supports nepotism and could lead to government corruption.

New ordinance opens city positions for appointment

"With assistance from our Civil Service Department and the existence of the city's Ethics Committee, I believe that concerns that evolve because of the nepotism and the cronyism can be eliminated or minimized," Councilman Mike Fagan said.

"All good policy making is balanced, this policy feels out of balanced to me," Councilman Jon Snyder said.

Currently, police and fire can only appoint two people in their entire departments but under this change they'll now be able to appoint up to 14.

The city says the ordinance doesn't immediately create the positions, it simply puts the framework in place.