New hangout opens for underage GU students

New hangout opens for underage GU students

SPOKANE, Wash. - Underage Gonzaga (GU) students who can't legally get into Spokane-area bars will soon have a new place to hang out and watch GU basketball games.

The owners of Scotty's Doghouse, a popular bar near GU, said they noticed a lot of minors and families walking by wanting to grab a table in Scotty's, but couldn't because someone wasn't 21.

That's when the owners decided to convert the building they were using as office space into a new hangout spot for people of all ages.

When you're under 21, t's not easy to find a place to catch GU basketball games.

That's especially true near campus.

"There's never really a place designated just to hang out, you know," said GU student Patrick Lapke.

That's where the Lucky Puppy hopes to come in.

The new restaurant offers a bar atmosphere, but welcomes guests of any age until 11 p.m.

"Every weekend we see the kids walking by and looking in and they know they're not 21 yet," said Joey LaRocque, owner of the Lucky Puppy. "And it's hard to turn them away and see that, so absolutely I think they're excited about it."

The Lucky Puppy is a branch of Scotty's Doghouse, a popular bar for GU students at the corner of Hamilton and Sharp.

The owners of Scotty's have had such success with the bar that they decided to try something new with the building next door.

"We decided our best bet would be to turn that into a secondary space, addition to Scotty's, to allow minors in," said LaRocque.

It's an idea that has GU students excited about the possibilities.

"I think it's a great idea to have an area for kids underage to hang out, because obviously all the people that are 21 have somewhere to go, so it's great to have somewhere to go with friends and maybe grab a bite to eat and watch the game," said GU student Julia Camara.

"I think it's a good idea," commented Lapke. "It's a good place for students to hang out and watch basketball games."

The owners of Scotty's Doghouse have big plans for entertaining in the new space.

"I wanted to have a platform for people to be able to perform, whether it might be karaoke or comedy," said LaRocque, "we're looking to do some drag shows, and then live music, open mic style."

But the real bread and butter for the Lucky Puppy is likely to be those can't-miss GU basketball games.

The Lucky Puppy opened on Friday.