New food truck hopes to WOW your tastebuds

New food truck hopes to WOW your tastebuds

SPOKANE, Wash. - The next time you're looking for lunch and don't want to leave the office, Spokane's newest food truck might be the way to go.

WOW Food Truck is usually parked in north Spokane just off of Highway 2.

They have been open for six weeks and offer over 100 menu options from breakfast burritos to funnel cakes and just about everything in between.

Owners John and Alina Munoz moved to Spokane from Los Angeles where they say you could always find your favorite food just around the corner and they wanted to bring that experience with them.

"Thinking about all that, we never realized how much we were going to miss all that comfort food. We've been in the food business for quite some time and we have had several of these trucks, but this one is in a class of its own."

The WOW truck is located at 9304 North Newport Highway near the Home Depot. They also deliver and have a drive-thru window.