New App the Block Watch of the future

New App the Block Watch of the future

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's called the Block Watch of the future, a relatively new app for your phone that helps your neighborhood stay safe and connected.

Fairwood Park near Whitworth University, is the kind of place where all of the neighbors know each other.

"We do annual clean-up days, we had a big Oktoberfest," said resident Kathy Maguire.

Maguire was recently introduced to the Nextdoor app, which she politely shared with her neighbors.

"Immediately when I connected to it, I realized it was the way our neighborhood needed to communicate," Maguire said.

On the app you can share recommendations on dentists, electricians, or babysitters. You can also alert your neighbors of a lost dog or even crime. It came in handy, Wednesday morning.

"All throughout our neighborhood there was break-ins in cars. So there were three posts this morning from residents just saying, 'hey, be aware."

Kathy's neighbors Pat and Chuck Burns have lived in Fairwood Park for 40 years. The former block watch captains say the Nextdoor app is the block watch of the future.

"This way everyone checks their e-mails pretty often and it's a quicker response for everybody and/or warning or a fun time," Pat Burns said.

When one of the neighbor's houses burned down the day after Christmas, the app brought quite the response.

"Another Fairwood resident who is away for the winter saw the post on next door, and offered up their home, their vacant home to the displaced owners...to stay in until they come back," Maguire said.

Some say smart phones and social networks divide us, these neighbors say it unites them.

"It's a great neighborhood," Maguire said.

The app is free and only people in your neighborhood can view your profile. When signing on for the first time, users must verify their address through credit card or through a post card identification process.