Neighbors surprised by falling trees

Neighbors surprised by falling trees

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Northwest side of the Spokane was hit pretty hard by Wednesday's storm.

"It was really scary," Dawson Walters said. "It kind of got me on edge, it just hit us by surprise."

Walters lives with her mom Tracy Ortega along Cleveland street near the intersection of Nortwest Blvd, and T.J. Meenach Drive.

"I looked outside because it was so windy and gusty and I heard what sounded like a loud thunder clap," Ortega said.

"When we had gone out into the back yard the tree had fallen," Walters said. "My mom had called me to come out to the front yard and the tree in the front yard had fallen into the middle of the street."

"I watched the tree fall that fell across our street and it didn't even occur to me that anything in the back yard had happened."

In the family's backyard the top of a towering pine tree snapped, filling their yard with limbs and debris. Thankfully there was no damage to the home. In their front yard a tree toppled blocking Cleveland street.

Up and down the neighborhood a similar scene.

"The wind went from like 10 miles and hour up to 60 almost instantly," homeowner Guy Charlton said.

He was taken by surprise as the fast moving storm ripped part of his roof off his home.

"It just threw me up against the wall right there, my face against it for a few seconds," Charlton said.

Now the clean up begins.

"We don't have a chainsaw," Ortega said. "So, anybody out there that has a chainsaw and wants some free wood come on down."