Neighbors get partial victory in nuisance home fight

SPOKANE, Wash. - For nearly a year, homeowners in the Indian Trail neighborhood say they've feared for their families because of a suspected drug house, and finally had their day in court Friday.

Friday's court hearing lasted four hours, and the goal and the end of it for those neighbors was to get the problem house boarded up for a year so the drug activity and fear in their lives would be gone.

Armed with a thick binder of evidence, a city attorney carefully outlined what life has been like for the homeowners for the last nine months: violent fights in the street, men walking around with guns, suspected drug activity from using to selling.

Nuisance house Thursday hearing

Marcy Pratt, who owns the so-called problem house, represented herself in court and explained away all of the accusations from neighbors. She also admitted to dating a known meth addict and inviting drug abusers into her home to help them.

However, she said neither she nor anyone else has never had, sold or used drugs in her home.

After four hours of testimony Judge Kathleen O'Connor gave neighbors a partial victory as she ordered the home be secured. Pratt must vacate the home until March 18.

Neighbors weren't happy with the judge's decision; they wanted a final resolution after all these months, but the reason Judge O'Connor didn't issue the full abatement and order Pratt to leave her home for a year is because O'Connor had concerns about Pratt not having a lawyer and not having enough time to view evidence against her.

O'Connor will issue a final ruling on March 18, and neighbors are hoping that's when the home will be boarded up for the long-term.