Neighbors bust would-be car thief painting stolen Acura with squeegee

Neighbors bust would-be car thief painting stolen Acura with squeegee

SPOKANE, Wash. - Good Samaritans caught a would-be car thief trying to hide a stolen car in plain sight by painting it with a squeegee and a bucket of paint Thursday morning.

The incident happened near the intersection of North Regal and Columbia in North Spokane.

Witnesses in the neighborhood didn't realize what they were in for when they confronted a strange man in their car port.

"He was painting an Acura red with a squeegee and bucket full of paint," Rob said.

Rob, who declined to give his last name, said he was visiting some friends when they noticed the individual's odd behavior.

"The apartment manager was afraid to go back there himself so we went back with him," Rob said.

The apartment manager said the man, later identified as Roscoe Wood, did not live in the complex and neighbors had never seen him before. Rob pulled his white truck up behind Wood as he was painting the car.

"We asked the guys who he was and if he lived here. He just started ramming my truck about five times and then he took off," Rob said.

Rob, along with several other men, chased Wood down an alley and across several yards until they caught up with him, restrained Wood and held him until police arrived.

"Normally we would say call us and let us do our jobs if you see something suspicious, but in this case they were just checking on what seemed odd to them and things went south from there," Spokane Police Lieutenant Rex Olson said.

Rob said despite being kicked in the face he's happy one less car thief is off the streets.

"Spokane is a great community there's a lot of people here that work really hard for their stuff and the thieves shouldn't be just helping themselves to it. And that's the whole point of it. I mean these guys are working 12-14 hour days for their stuff guys like this have no business taking it," Rob said.

Wood, who police said is currently under investigation for a number of other crimes unrelated to Thursday's incident, is being charged with two counts of second degree assault for backing into the truck, two counts of possession of a stolen vehicle and second degree malicious mischief for the damage he did to the stolen car with the paint.

Coincidentally, Wood was also arrested last week for car theft.