Neighbor feud escalates with racist public display

Neighbor feud escalates with racist public display

SPOKANE, Wash. - A feud between two North Spokane neighbors has escalated to public display of what woman is calling "racism" as one of the homeowners had a sign in her window calling the other neighbor's children the "N" word.

A home is supposed to be the place of ultimate comfort, where you go to after a long day at work, however for Jennifer Garrison recently it's been anything but that.

'm a prisoner in my own home. I can't enjoy my front yard, I can't go in my backyard," she said.

Garrison says she's been verbally attacked by her neighbor for the last two years. Then last year signs started appearing in the neighbor's window facing her home.

"It's usually based around hillbillies and has a picture of her hand flipping us off and it says 'hillbillies' underneath it," Garrison said.

She said her boyfriend confronted the neighbor about the hillbilly sign, saying their family is actually rednecks. Then another sign appeared, referring to her two teenagers – who are half-Cambodian – as little "N-words."

"I don't care if they're blue or purple, they're kids. Leave them alone, that's all I want," Garrison said.

The neighbor spoke to KXLY; she declined an on-camera interview and admitted the sign probably crossed the line. She said the family has been a problem since she's moved in, stating that they are messy and are constantly reporting her dog.

The neighbor who posted the signs up in her window removed them after speaking with KXLY.

Spokane Police say their feud hasn't crossed the line to harassment and the signs in the window are covered under freedom of speech.

"It's like she knows the law so well that she dances around this little line where she won't get in trouble," Garrison said.

Other neighbors say both women are at fault, citing constant yelling with no attempt to make peace.

"The hands of God cannot pull me from this house, she's not going to get me to move. If that what her goal is, it's not going to work," she said.

Garrison does have the option to file a civil lawsuit but she said she doesn't have the money to do that. Police said they are working with neighbors on alternatives to settle the dispute.