Neighbor concerns leads to street light installation in East Central

Neighbor concerns leads to street light installation in East Central

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are working with Avista to install new street lights in crime prone areas. One of those areas is in East Central Spokane off of Sprague, where neighbors told police they wanted the neighborhood to be brighter.

At the Spokane Police Department's Comp Stat meeting on Wednesday, the Police Department said East Central residents told them at a neighborhood meeting that their neighborhood was too dark, so the city, police department and Avista created the "East Sprague Lighting Initiative" to make lighting in East Central a priority.

Auldine Johnson has lived on the corner of Ivory and Pacific for sixteen years, and says the streetlight near her home was very dim. She was concerned because her children have moved out, and the city tore down the houses across the street from her home. She brought her concerns to the Spokane Police Department.

"I am very happy with it," she said, referring to the new LED street light outside her home. "I can see more clearly. If somebody is coming around the corner even sometimes you'd have cars and strange people that I really don't know. I would be looking around and I'd be stopping where it's not lit, and yeah I would have some concerns."

The Spokane Police Department said the groups working on the project will continue to upgrade lights in East Central throughout the year.