NE Spokane residents fear sex offender neighbor

NE Spokane residents fear sex offender neighbor

SPOKANE, Wash. - Level III sex offender Charles Tillman, 47, was relocated to Spokane just a few weeks ago after spending 15 years on McNeil Island.

But unlike the other Level III sex offender that just moved to town, David McCuistion, Tillman is not under supervision by the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Tillman is now living at a privately-owned home on the 800 block of East Euclid.

Residents on East Euclid are on edge since Tillman moved in. So much so that one landlord took precautions to keep an elderly tenant safe by installing more secure locks and doors on the home.

The community now keeping a close eye on each other and their new neighbor.

"Make sure the windows are locked, shut the shades, check the car and lock the front door and back door," said one neighbor who wished to remain anonymous.

Neighbors say mainly women and children live in the quiet neighborhood.

"After dark they're always brought in the house because everybody knows now."

Tillman has a history of breaking into elderly women's homes.

He was convicted in 1993 of burglary and indecent liberties with forcible compulsion, a sexually violent offense. Records show he walked into a 78-year-old Spokane woman's house and forced her to touch him and then asked for money. Tillman later said the woman's fear aroused him.

Court documents show he tried to get into at least four other elderly women's homes. In a 2004 Spokesman Review article, Tillman said it's because they show more shock than younger women, and he didn't think they'd mind as much.

"I just don't know if I come out here at night to get something out of the car if he's looking and watching," said the neighbor.

Women living near Tillman on East Euclid say his presence makes them feel like prisoners in their own homes.

"It feels like you're in jail in your house trying to live your life and you have this guy around here that does this to women. It's scary."

While Tillman only has one conviction for a sexually violent offense, many of his other crimes were sexually motivated. He is registered as a sex offender.