Musician pleads for return of stolen instruments

Musician pleads for return of stolen instruments

On Thursday afternoon, Rollin' Joe Jordan, a traveling street performer for over 40 years, had most of his instruments stolen right behind his back. The loss included many prized harmonicas and an electronic keyboard.

"I lost those harmonicas, and I mean those are my life and my livelihood and I really need to get them back or replace them," said Jordan.

He doesn't want to press charges. He just wants to be able to play again.

"If somebody out there knows where they are, I'm going to be down in the park the next three afternoons. We'll work something out," said Jordan

Rollin' Joe says the instruments are worth about a thousand dollars; money he can't afford to spare.

"I'm an old guy. I'm partially disabled. I'm not going to get a job anywhere else. I don't have much," said Jordan.

A six string banjo is all he has left, but he says he will keep playing.

If you have any information on this case, please call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.