Murder suspect Graham's bond quadrupled to $1 Million

SPOKANE, Wash. - Murder suspect Avondre Graham bond has quadrupled to $1 Million after prosecutors charged him with the May killing of Sharlotte McGill.

Graham was originally being held in lieu of a $250,000 on an assault charge, however now that prosecutors have charged him with killing McGill, his bail is now set at $ 1 Million.

He is now also charged with third degree assault in connection with an August 29 attack on a Gonzaga student jogging near Mission Park.

Graham arraignment vo

Graham was previously charged with first degree robbery and first degree assault when he allegedly beat Debbie Watkins with a mallet on September 13.

While police say Graham was caught red handed robbing a Centennial Trail jogger earlier this month the evidence that allegedly connects him to Mcgill's murder is not as strong as they'd like it to be, and prosecuting all three cases together could boost their chances of conviction.

"First one's in May, the last one is in September and they're all right there on the trail that we think we're fairly safe on," Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker said.

Prosecutors want a single jury to hear that Graham used a section of the Spokane River to kill McGill and assault two other women, so prosecutors are filing a motion to have him stand trial for all three incidents in single criminal case for several reasons.

"Well economy is one. The other is to show what a bad guy we are dealing with. It shows more of a motive. That he's doing this and he's doing it regularly, three times in four months," Tucker said.

By prosecuting the trio of attacks in one trial the state can use evidence in one crime to help prove another.

"Well he's using weapons in two of the three and they're all along the path and he lives right there in the area and it's all women he assaulting. So those things are kind of common threads," Tucker said.

Graham's defense attorney will likely fight combining the cases, arguing the crimes occurred on different dates with varied results.

"It will still be up to the court if we can have them go all together or if we have to split them up into different trials, but hopefully we can do it all at once and a jury can get a good picture of what this guy really is," Tucker said.

Even though Graham is being prosecuted as an adult, the 17-year-old, who pled not guilty Thursday afternoon to all of the charges he's now facing, will stay in juvenile detention unless he starts having behavioral problems.