Murder suspect arrested in downtown Spokane

Suspect's girlfriend arrested for rendering criminal assistance

SPOKANE, Wash. - Louis Hanson, the suspect in the Dec. 30 killing of Aaron Cummings at a home on North Wall, was arrested Wednesday night at a downtown Spokane apartment.

Getting to the bottom of this murder was made a lot more difficult because the women who saw the killing inside the home lied to detectives about who was responsible.

Investigators say last Sunday night Hanson walked into a home and, with numerous witnesses present, allegedly executed a gang-related hit on Cummings. Hanson reportedly asked Cummings if he was a member of a particular gang; he replied he was and that's when detectives said that Hanson shot Cummings in the stomach.

Murder suspect and girlfriend arrested

"We believe this shooting was gang motivated and that was the reason for the shooting," Spokane Police Sergeant Mark Griffiths with Major Crimes said.

When police showed up the witnesses lied to officers, blaming the shooting on Salvador Rivera-Romero, who was then publicly identified as the murder suspect.

"We look at him as a suspect and determined that he was not in the area. Maybe not even in the country at the time and a follow up investigation determined that they lied to us, actually knew who the suspect was but were afraid of him so intentionally misled us," Griffiths said.

The women eventually conceded the alleged shooter was actually Hanson.

When detectives located the address where they believed Hanson to be hiding out, they went to the residence and attempted to search the apartment looking for Hanson. A woman who lived in the apartment, Amanda Tudesque, 22, told detectives, when she was shown a photo of Hanson, that she recognized him but he was not in the apartment.

After talking with other residents in the apartment building, detectives determined Hanson was in Tudesque's apartment. When officers went back to her apartment, she claimed no one was inside but her and her children and tried to prevent them entering her apartment, shoving an officer, telling police Hanson could become a threat to her children, police said.

Hanson eventually came out of the apartment, refused to comply with detectives' commands and was eventually restrained and arrested for second degree murder for Cummings' death.

Additionally, Amanda Tudesque, who as it turns out is Hanson's girlfriend, was charged with first degree rendering criminal assistance for harboring and concealing Hanson and attempting to prevent police from arresting him.

"She more than just lied to us. She actually physically interfered and tried to help to escape as he left the apartment so she was taken into custody that night too and arrested for rendering criminal assistance," Griffiths said.