Monday FedEx's busiest shipping day of the year

SPOKANE, Wash. - FedEx predicts Monday was the busiest day in its history as more than 19 million packages were scheduled for delivery to homes and businesses around the country and FedEx delivered a lot of them.

"I call it the shuffle, shuffle everything forward, put everything where it goes," FedEx employee Timber Turner said.

Turner shuffled his truck for the busiest delivery day of the year at FedFx. The shipping giant announced it expected to process about 200 packages per second worldwide.

FedEx busy shipping day vo

"The rest of the year is scrimmage and this is the playoffs, people gear up for this time of the year," FedEx employee Charles Blatner said.

Blatner is the manager of FedEx's Spokane Valley station. He said FedEx delivered 19 million packages Monday, up more about 13 percent over last year.

"It is controlled chaos, certain things have to be done at certain times and certain ways.  Everyone has a part to play," he said.

Turner's truck was loaded and out the door by 8 a.m., just one of one of more than 90 FedEx trucks that made deliveries around the Inland Northwest Monday. Turner expected to make more than 100 stops, all fueled by an increase in internet shopping.

The company hired more than 20,000 seasonal workers to handle the rush.

To get your packages delivered by Christmas via FedEx ground, you need them shipped by Dec. 17, or by Dec. 22 for overnight service.