Mom of slain toddler facing drug, gun charges

Mom of slain toddler facing drug, gun charges

SPOKANE, Wash. - First it was a search for clues in the death of 2-year-old girl, but a homicide investigation at a South Hill home also turned into a drug bust. Now, the mother of that murdered toddler is facing drug and gun charges.

Lovina Rainey was told in federal court on Thursday that she could spend the next 15 years in prison for dealing meth and heroin.

This child's death could be a symptom of Spokane's drug habit. A drug addiction that most of us usually pay for in the form of smashed out car windows and burglaries, that's what happens when adults need to pay for their habits.

Adalynn's death is what happens when the parents of small children get addicted to drugs.

When Spokane County Sheriff's detectives went to Rainey's 55th Ave. home to investigate her daughter's death, they found a lot of illegal street drugs inside.

Not personal amounts, but 90 grams of methamphetamine and 44 grams of heroin.

Inside Rainey's purse inside her bedroom, detectives found a .22 caliber Glock pistol that investigators believe Rainey used to protect her illegal inventory.

Family members say Rainey's road trips to the Tri-Cities to meet with her suppliers left little time for her children.

"She's a bad mother," said Laurel Hill, one of Adalynn's grandmothers, "she'd rather leave her children with felons and drug addicts than be with her children, that's why... And she's been doing this since she's had children. This isn't the first time. She's had her kids taken away."

People who know Rainey say she is hopelessly addicted to drugs.

Hill says in Rainey's life drugs came first, men came second, and her children's welfare a distant third.

"I heard that she left them with strangers all the time and she sent me texts saying she didn't even want those kids anymore," said Hill. "And I sent a text back to her that said, 'Do you want me to call CPS on you?' And I wish I had done that."

Other people did call CPS and that agency was trying to help Rainey's family.

Rainey is being held without bond. On Friday a federal magistrate here considers releasing Rainey to a locked down drug rehab facility in Coeur d'Alene.