Mom hopes new clues will help catch daughter's killer

SPOKANE, Wash. - Kala Williams mom speaks out

The Spokane Police Department is offering up a new clue that could solve the spring 2012 murder of Kala Williams, one that her mother hopes will catch her daughter's killer.

Williams, 20, was killed and later her dismembered and bagged body dumped just west of Highway 195 in the Latah Valley.

It's been 14 months since her body was found along a wooded trail. The killer used couch cushions and cut some brush down to conceal the remains and now police shared this week they found something else at the crime scene.

"She was found, as far as I understand in some bags. A young boy found her and he went to tell his father and they called police and that's what I know," Williams' mother Martine Maggio said.

Maggio also knows police found an orange sleeping bag near her daughter's body as well. The inside of the bag is an orange plaid pattern and the middle cinched up with a rope. Maggio said it's not her daughter's sleeping bag and think it may have been used to conceal Kala when the killer was moving her to where her body was found.

"To conceal her in a vehicle, to transport her and I think she was already wrapped in the bag and I think what they did is they wrapped her in the bag because of the way it was shaped," Maggio said.

Because the bag doesn't appear to have any blood on it, it may have been used to constrain Kala while she was still alive, kind of like a straight jacket.

"I think this new piece of evidence that's come to light is going to generate maybe, hopefully some new leads to solve this crime, because this is a terrible crime," Maggio said.

Detectives think if they can find the bag's owner they might learn the identity of Kala's killer. Maggio believes her daughter was murdered by someone she knew.

"I think it's been long enough, I think the guilt of a person who knows information. I think it's eating them alive and I think if anybody knows information and even has an inkling that it's important, I think they should call Crime Check," Maggio said.

The trail that leads back to the location where Kala Williams' body was found is hard to find, another clue that could help narrow down the list of possible suspects.