MLK center moves past racial slur

MLK center moves past racial slur

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's been just more than a week since Spokane's MLK Jr. Family Outreach Center was vandalized with a racial slur, and since then, the center says it's received an outpouring of support from the community.

The center says whoever painted the n-word on the building may have been trying to create fear in the community, but it did just the opposite.

"It's just been amazing how the community has rallied behind us and definitely sent the message that we're going to stand up against hate," said Executive Director Freda Gandy.

The outreach center was busy Wednesday as students rushed through the building, celebrating the holidays with pizza and ice cream. The MLK center provides social services for kids and families to feel safe. Last Tuesday employees arrived to find the n-word painted on the building.

"I was really angry that someone would do that to our building. And I felt a little moment of discouragement," Gandy said.

But, the discouragement didn't last long. Within hours, the community was rallying behind the center, offering whatever they could.

"We've just had an increase in people wanting to volunteer, people wanting to take tours and learn more about our services and programs. Our financial support increased," said Gandy.

Last Tuesday, at a press conference, community members painted over the slur. Now, the MLK center is looking for a local artist to paint a mural over the space to inspire love.