Missing child found safe in East Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Missing child found

Police reunited a child who went missing in the 2100 block of North Crescent Avenue overnight with his mom early Monday morning.

4-year-old Ryan Sparks was staying with family members in this apartment complex off North Crescent when at some point Sunday night he was able to leave the apartment, crossed the parking lot and entered another unit through an open door. The residents of that apartment woke up Monday morning to find a little boy sleeping on their couch and called police.

"Worst, worst four hours of my life ever," Ryan's mom, Kristina Ackerman, said.

The police received a call about the boy and were able to reunite him with his mother just before 7:30 a.m. Ackerman couldn't find words to express how she felt holding her son

"Indescribable, I mean unbelievable relief and thankful for everybody thank you," she said.

Police put tremendous effort into looking for Ryan and Ackerman was overwhelmed with the number of people who were out trying to find her son.

"Not just the police, just the residents in the neighborhood that don't know me, I don't live anywhere near here, and they were all up at four o'clock in the morning searching for him so I am so grateful for everyone," she said.

It will probably be a few years before young Ryan understands exactly what happened.

"He has no idea anything was wrong," Ackerman said. "He woke up and everybody was here to play with him so he's just happy as a clam."