Memorial dedicated to Spokane firefighter

Memorial dedicated to Spokane firefighter

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane firefighter John Knighten was honored by the community, his family and fellow firefighters Monday afternoon.

A plaque was dedicated to John Knighten who passed away one year ago after a 3 year battle with terminal cancer.

His life was revisited during the ceremony as a permanent plaque was dedicated outside of Station 4 in Browne's Addition.

That is where Knighten spent most of his career.

Friends and family gathered as his wife and 3 daughters revealed the plaque.

Because Knighten's cancer was determined to be caused by his work as a firefighter his death was considered a death in the line of duty.

"You can see they were touched by it, I think it's important to them, something they can come and see his name here and remember. So it's just something to help them and the community remember," said Lieutenant Gregory Borg from the Spokane Fire Department.

Knighten was a Fire Equipment Operator, and the truck that he often worked on and drove was also dedicated to him.

This is one of many firefighter dedications that we will be seeing over the next few months.

It is part of a project that recognizes Spokane firefighters who have died in the line of duty. It was Lieutenant Borg's idea to have the plaques in the sidewalk outside of where the firefighters died so that people could see them and learn about those firefighters who gave their lives.