Meals on Wheels passing out fan donations to seniors

Meals on Wheels passing out fan donations to seniors

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Meals on Wheels is continuing to see donations of fans roll in for seniors. So far they've passed out around 85 and anticipate giving away more.

It's all to help keep seniors cool who may not have any other way to do so. One of those seniors who is thankful for Meals on Wheels is Barbara Morgan, who now has a fan in her room to keep her cool at night.

"I don't feel feel very good when I'm in the heat," she said.

Morgan is one of the roughly 300 clients that receives lunch from the Mid-City Concerns Meals on Wheels program. Thursday she thought she was just getting a chicken pot pie and was surprised when they offered her a fan too.

Even though Morgan already had a fan Char Billow and Cheryl Miller-Arndt asked if it was enough.

Glad they asked, Morgan told them she's been sleeping in the living room because her room gets too hot.

"By the time the sun gets around comes in here, even with the blinds or with the curtains, it still gets pretty warm," she said.

The duo went to five houses Thursday morning and distributed three fans. Some seniors already had fans while others like Morgan were waiting until more donations came in.

Meals on Wheels has received around 100 fans in the past two weeks. They've given out about 85 so far and anticipate continuing the trend, all to keep seniors like Barbara Morgan cool during the hot summer months.

Mid-City Concerns Meals on Wheels is still accepting donations and if you want to help out you can just drop it off at their office at 1222 W. 2nd Avenue in Spokane during regular business hours.