Meals On Wheels checks on seniors during hot weather

SPOKANE, Wash. - This extremely hot weather can be dangerous for everyone, especially for seniors.

Meals on Wheels not only delivers meals to 400 seniors each weekday, but also checks on those seniors to make sure they are okay and prepared for the heat.

One of those seniors is Josie Bucknell who is staying cool inside her home. "I keep the air conditioning on so it's not so bad; it's comfortable in here," she said.

Meals On Wheels checks on seniors during hot weather

Meals on Wheels drops off lunch to Josie during the week. Inside their office on Sunday, Director Pam Almeida was getting prepared for what could be the hottest week of the year.

"The heat is almost as bad as the snow and ice for us," Almeida said.

"We have all of our drivers check and make sure the seniors are doing okay that they are drinking enough water and that they are cool enough and that they are not going outside too often," she added.

While Josie has lots of family close by, for some clients Monday's delivery will be the only interaction they have all day.

"I think of the people that have nobody, it must be very hard. The only people they see will be the person who brings their meals on wheels it's a good deal," Bucknell said.

While the temperatures soar, Josie's not complaining, she's staying positive.

"They say it's gonna get up there, but oh well I am comfortable in my air conditioned house," she said.

Many seniors they deliver to don't have AC so Meals on Wheels is in dire need of fans they can drop off to those who have no way to cool off. If you have a used or new fan you want to donate, you can bring it by their Spokane Valley office.