Marshals hunting felon who fled Spokane halfway house

Marshals hunting felon who fled Spokane halfway house

SPOKANE, Wash. - US Marshals are searching for a convicted felon who walked away from a Spokane halfway house after he was released from federal prison.

Merced Jose Zamora was a large scale methamphetamine dealer who was wrapping up a 13 year sentence when he escaped a re-entry center near the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

Zamora was months away from being a totally free man but early Monday morning around 1:30 he left his halfway house. That facility is run by a private company that has a contract with the federal government to house and prepare ex-cons for a legal and productive life back in society.

Even though Zamora was convicted of multiple methamphetamine deals in Wyoming he was released to Spokane because he has family here.

Now marshals are looking for him and Deputy US Marshal Bob Doty said Zamora, 33, has a very unique tattoo on his neck that should make him east to spot.

"The best course of action if you see the tattoo on his neck, it says "Love is pain", is to dial 911. Local police, wherever they are at, would be able to respond quicker than we could and, of course, they could also reach out to us afterward, or let local police know they're working with the marshal and they'll contact us also," Doty said.

Zamora, who has a new warrant out for his arrest, has previously armed himself with both pistols and long guns, so 911 would be your safest way to help authorities arrest him and take off the street.