Marijuana retailers getting ready for opening day

Marijuana retailers getting ready for opening day

CLAYTON, Wash. - In a little over three weeks Washington will open its first recreational marijuana stores, with only a handful of retailers to receive licenses in July.

For Scott DeKay, it's going to be a family business.

"We got our display case here. We're going to have our pipes and then sealed samples of marijuana for customers to look at," said Scott DeKay, owner of Savage THC in Clayton.

He's filed the last bit of paperwork required to obtain a recreational marijuana retail license.

"They're trying to get 20 open by the first of July and I'm still hoping to be one of those 20," said DeKay.

Dekay says getting into the first group of retailers to open will be important to start paying off the cost of setting up shop.

"They'll stand here, like I said out front, they'll have the little tray right here. Put the product in, push it out," said DeKay as he demonstrated how the transaction will be handled behind bullet proof glass.

Now that the final paperwork is done, arguably the hardest part, second only to finding a retail space, Dekay only needs to pass an inspection, pay his license fee and secure product for opening day.

"I got my landlord, which was really, really, really tough but he's on board," said DeKay.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board said it's prioritized who gets a license by geographic region and population density, meaning retailers in bigger cities like Spokane and Seattle will be getting the first licenses. After that it falls to retailers who are the closest to passing inspection. The board says licenses will likely be mailed out close to July 7 and Dekay says he'll be ready and that the community is already stopping in with questions.

"Just to see what's going on and then they're like, 'It's you? What is going? Give me a hug,'" said DeKay.