Marijuana grow operator tries to reassure concerned community members

Marijuana grow operator tries to reassure concerned community members

SPOKANE, Wash. - People living near a legal pot grow in the Mt. Spokane community are upset it's there but the man leasing the property said Friday he's gone above and beyond to make the grow safe.

The barbed fencing and cameras around this building off State Highway 206 were put up to keep what's inside the building – a marijuana grow operation – safe.

"I have taken extra measures to be sure and not only protect myself and my business but the community here at large," business owner Frank Schade said.

It's some of the many precautions Schade had done since applying for a grow permit last November.

"I got my license awarded to me but I was given the verbal OK about two weeks prior to that," he said. "I'm just very proud of getting up and going so quickly, number 7 in the whole state."

Inside, grow lights shine down on plants growing since late April, but the grow has some in the community concerned, saying it could bring more crime to the area. Schade said he understands those concerns and wants to work with his new neighbors. In order to have his tier one permit he had to have at least 12 cameras – he has 32 – and the barbed wire fence surrounding the property isn't required.

"I wouldn't like to get robbed anymore than anyone around here would like to see that sort of thing happen," he said.

Schade said he wants to be at the next community meeting so he can address and hear neighbors concerns and added anyone who has questions should feel free to contact him.