Man struck by lightning inside South Hill home

Man struck by lightning inside South Hill home

SPOKANE, Wash. - A South Hill man is lucky to be alive after experiencing what he said was a lightning strike Friday morning.

"There was a flash and I felt something come through my arm and come out my other finger and saw a bright flash of light by the outlet," Chadron Hazelbaker said.

The 39 year old said he had just woke up and remembered his laptop needed to be charged. Hazelbaker recalls going to the outlet by the master bedroom window and felt the energy go through when he picked up the cord.

"I knew the path that it went through," He said. "I could feel that something had gone in a straight line in my body."

Only a mark on his elbow and a break in the vinyl window where he thinks the lightning entered remains from the incident. His wife, Staci was still laying in bed when she witnessed her husband jerk back.

"I actually saw the lightning come out of his finger, which was impressive," Staci said.

Her next action was to go to Facebook and tell her friends about what happened. It wasn't long after that she realized the severity of the incident.

"After about an hour of it happening it really sunk in, like what really happened and it scared me," she said.

Staci said she thought about her four kids and how they needed their dad. She said wasn't taking any chances with losing him and made her husband go to the emergency room despite that it would interrupt their oldest son's birthday plans. Four hours and a couple of blood tests later, doctors said Chadron would be fine.

"I probably should have died a few times in my life," Chadron said. "Obviously there's something still left to be accomplished."