Man steals fuel truck from Felts Field

SPOKANE, Wash. - Authorities from Spokane and Kootenai counties are searching for a fuel truck that was stolen off the tarmac at Felts Field Friday.

Jason Snyder with Inland Helicopters said the fuel truck stolen belonged to his company. He said the suspect approached Felts Field riding a bicycle, and then made it onto the tarmac.

Once there, Snyder said the suspect got off his bicycle and stole a forklift, which he drove down the tarmac to where the fuel truck was parked. The suspect climbed in the truck, found a hidden set of keys inside and drove off the airfield.

Snyder said he took a helicopter up to search for it, but was unable to find the truck. Authorities in Kootenai County, supported by Spokane County's Air 1 helicopter, have been searching for the truck for most of the afternoon but have not located it.

Snyder added that the company doesn't know how much fuel was in the truck, but it may be full and if the suspect crashes it could be a serious incident.