Man shells out $4K to get boot removed

Man shells out $4K to get boot removed

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man who has the dubious distinction of being the first to get his vehicle booted for unpaid parking tickets, has his SUV back after paying more than $4,000 in fines.

Early Tuesday afternoon the individual, an unnamed Spokane attorney, had his Ford Expedition booted by parking enforcement officials outside the courthouse.

Payment on his thousands in unpaid tickets was made in full within hours of his vehicle getting booted and so the device was removed from his SUV early Wednesday morning.

City officials say they are trying to not put the boot on cars close to the weekend when the collections office is closed and you can't make a payment.

"We are trying not to inconvenience folks, so obviously toward the beginning of the week is when we'd prefer to find cars." City spokesperson Brian Coddington said. "We try not to keep somebody over a long weekend. We want to be reasonable about it, but at the same time these people have had a lot of opportunities to pay their fines."

Cars with four or more unpaid tickets are eligible to be booted.

The city is now cruising around in a car with a camera that looks for the license plates with lots of outstanding tickets, so the smart play is to come up with a payment plan on your own terms to get your unpaid tickets resolved and don't wait for the inconvenience of the boot.