Man involved in Oz Fitness rampage dies

SPOKANE, Wash. - The man who was tased by deputies after going on a rampage at a South Hill gym has died.

The Washington State Patrol, which is leading the investigation into the incident, confirmed Will Berger, 34, was taken off life support and his internal organs were harvested for donation sometime Friday evening.

A release from the medical examiner's office after an autopsy was performed on Berger Monday listed his cause of death as "Pending further studies" and manner of death as "Pending further investigation."

Berger was involved in an altercation with Spokane County Sheriff's deputies outside the Oz Fitness located at 55th and Regal Thursday evening. Witnesses say that Berger went out of control, screaming at inanimate objects, mumbling racial slurs and throwing weights around.

Employees at the fitness center confronted Berger and got him out of the gym and into the parking lot. Witnesses said at this point he was foaming at the mouth.

When deputies arrived, Berger allegedly pounded on the hood of a patrol car, got into an altercation of some sort with deputies, who then used their tasers in an attempt to subdue him.

Berger fell to the ground unconscious and deputies began performing CPR on him. Paramedics revived him and took him to the hospital, where doctors later pronounced him brain dead.