Man arrested after trying to lure children at softball game

SPOKANE, Wash. - A man was arrested Tuesday for attempting to lure a young female, as well as for outstanding warrants. An assault charge was later added after he struck another inmate in jail.

Spokane Valley Deputies responded to Horizon Middle School Tuesday around 6 p.m. for a report of a male, later identified as 26-year-old Jacob L. Ellison, for attempting to abduct a young female.

Ellison started pacing when he saw the patrol car. He reluctantly identified himself and said he shouldn't have any warrants. Ellison stated he was at the school to meet his son and didn't touch the girl. He appeared nervous, and said he thought the victim was his daughter at first.

He then said he was there to meet his ex-wife and daughter at the softball game. He couldn't provide his ex-wife's name or contact information. He changed his version of events again when he denied speaking to the victim.

The father of the victim explained he was getting items out of his car when he heard Ellison calling his daughter and telling her to "come here." He confronted Ellison, who claimed he was there to meet his own daughter and mistakenly thought the victim was her.

The father told other parents at the game what happened, and they all saw Ellison playing catch with other small children. The children were quickly called away by their parents, who all said none of them believed Ellison had an actual child at the softball game. The father of the victim called and reported Ellison.

Around 8 p.m., deputies responded to another call at the middle school referencing Ellison's actions from ealier. The mother of a young boy said that Ellison had attended an estate sale in the area a few days earlier, where he asked her questions about her son and what sports he played. The mother became concerned when she heard about the incident at Horizon, because Ellison had been looking at furniture she was selling an hour before, asking her questions about her son. She told Ellison her son was playing baseball, and at that point Ellison went to Horizon Middle School, seemingly in search of the boy.

Ellison was found to have two confirmed warrants out for his arrest. He was booked into Spokane County Jail for the warrants and an additional charge of Luring.

Deputies learned that Ellison assaulted another inmate, who laughed at Ellison due to his charges. He grew angry and struck the victim in the mouth with his elbow, breaking his tooth and cutting his lip. An additional charge was added for the incident.