Malls filled with last minute Christmas shoppers

SPOKANE, Wash. - Last minute shopping vo

If you saved your holiday shopping for Christmas Eve you're not alone, as many local stores were packed with last-minute shoppers Tuesday.

For some people, Christmas Eve was a shopping marathon down at RiverPark Square.

"I am shopping for pretty much everybody," Tiffany Peterson said.

Others, however, were just tagging along.

"No, I am usually done by the first week in December," Amy Hovde said.

"Just trying to get the last minute shopping done, stuff for our parents and siblings," Linson Jennings said.

Some shoppers were surprised to find the crowds were not as bad as they had imagined.

"It hasn't been overwhelming for people in stores, it hasn't been overcrowded. I don't know if they are doing it over the internet or what," Hovde said.

"We were here last night doing some shopping, it was fun, wasn't too crowded, yeah it hasn't been too bad," Jennings said.

There are a number of different holiday shoppers. Some make small progress on their list throughout the year. Others wait for those doorbuster deals on Black Friday. And then there are the shoppers who wait until the last minute.

"I would rather just do it now, yeah Black Friday is a little too crazy for me, I have done it once," Margaret Mahoney said.

"No I never do that, it is just not worth it," Peterson said. "I think the things that are on sale you have to get there so early for and they are on sale all season anyway."

"Oh I am always on the last day, I used to do it on the last day but this time I didn't I started last Christmas," Jennings said.

The type of shopper these people are really isn't important. RiverPark Square is happy to have them any time of the year as a full mall means people have more money. Nationally, spending was up about a half percent November of this year compared to last. Not a huge surge but measurable growth and good news for everyone.