Major cleanup effort underway on Whitworth campus

Major cleanup effort underway on Whitworth campus

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Whitworth University campus has taken a one-two punch recently, hit not by one by both major storms that blew through the Spokane area, causing widespread damage to the campus.

Approximately 40 Ponderosa pine trees came down during either last Saturday's storm or the previous storm on July 23. The university's groundskeepers say they had a lot of projects going this summer and this only puts them further behind as students return to campus August 30.

On campus they're running what they call 'The Hurricane' and it's not your dad's backyard woodchipper. They have several of them across the campus chewing up downed trees.

"I would probably say around 30 contractors that we have brought in for tree removal lawn repair, a lot of damage to some of our off-site housing," Kevin Bradford, a Whitworth electrician, said.

Whitworth had several infrastructure projects in the works when the first storm hit in July, including new steam lines and new electrical work for the campus' power lines. Now they've been saddled with also cleaning up the damage done to the campus and some of its buildings just before school starts late this month.

"Oh it's disheartening you know, we hire any where between 30 or 40 student employees each year to keep our grounds to get ready for the kids to come back, so it's like all that work for the whole summer has just been for nothing. So now we're under this crunch for time in the next 30 days to try to make it beautiful for our returning students," Bradford said.