Mahoney: Condon made right choice for Spokane

Frank Straub has long been seen as the favorite for the chief of police position and Dan Mahoney, the other finalist for the job, said he's sure Mayor David Condon made the right decision for Spokane.

Mahoney, a captain in the San Francisco Police Department, where he's the commander of the Ingleside Police Station, said he received a call Tuesday from Mayor Condon letting him know he'd chosen someone else for the job.

Throughout the search, Mahoney has been extremely open and forthcoming with the community; in fact he was the first to confirm Wednesday that he would not be Spokane's next police chief and that Straub would be filling that role.

Despite not getting this job he really wanted, he holds no ill will towards Spokane or David Condon.

 Emerging as one of two finalists in the search last month, when Mahoney was in Spokane for interviews he told panelists the number one job of a police department is public safety, not entitlement.

Mahoney reacts to chief decision

He went on to cite specific examples of how he would tackle the problem of increased violence in downtown.

Even though he won't get the chance to lead Spokane's police force, he knows what our community needs to move forward.

"From what I saw, just a lot of healing … getting over the Zehm incident. Just a lot of healing in the community and getting the department together and getting it back on track and moving forward is probably the number one goal of whoever gets into that office," he said Wednesday morning.

Saying he was honored to have made it as far in the process as he did, Mahoney said he enjoyed visiting Spokane and meeting law enforcement officers and community members.

He added he's sure Condon had a difficult decision to make, but that his decision is the right one for the department.