Magazine subscription con man going door-to-door on South Hill

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane sheriff's deputies want you to know about a young con-man posing as a member of a high school sports team going door-to-door selling magazines.

The male suspect is young enough to appear he's in high school but lies like a pro. He's told victims he's the grandson of that nice lady down the street but that wasn't true either.

"It was Friday afternoon and I was out in the front yard and he said he was a senior at Ferris High School," Tim Marsh said.

magazine salesman scammer video

Marsh's kids are now both successful teachers and so he has a soft spot for school fundraisers. When he thought buying a magazine subscription would benefit Ferris' soccer team he wanted to be a nice guy and help out.

"And they were trying to do a tournament in Hawaiiand they were trying to get money to go to the soccer game you know because schools won't fund that stuff anymore so …"

So Marsh wrote the young man a $50 check and didn't realize he's been taken until he talked with his neighbor.

"Probably wouldn't even known until the lady up the street called us and said your nephew came up and what's his name? And I'm going no, he's not our nephew," he said.

In the case of the lady up the street, the clean cut con actually talked his way inside and that worries sheriff's deputies.

"Do not let anybody into your house number one and do not let anybody on to your computer," Spokane County Sheriff Deputy Craig Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain says the company the young man says he was selling for does not have a business license and is not registered with the Secretary of State.

"I contacted FerrisHigh Schoolas well as several other people this person's went to and there's no fundraiser going on for the soccer team right now," he added.

Tim Marsh was able to cancel his $50 check before the young con-artist was able to cash it, but unfortunately the big losers in this scam are the legitimate school organizations that use door-to-door sales as fundraisers.