Macklemore reaches out to Spokane youth battling addiction

SPOKANE, Wash. - 22607238

As hit music duo Macklemore and Spokane native, Ryan Lewis played before a sold out crowd Spokane Arena Wednesday night, they inspired several teens to fight addiction and stay clean.

Macklemore, who has been vocal about his own recovery and past addictions, invited 12 teens from Day Break Youth Services to attend his concert.

"It's really inspiring and it motivates me to keep going with life," said Aaron Smith.  Smith, 14, became addicted to marijuana and alcohol last year and is now in a recovery program.

"Just like his songs and stuff and all his experience just helped me along with it," he added.

Hannahjoe Beattie, 16, started using drugs when she was 13-years-old.  She's now 32 days sober.  Beattie said Macklemore is her hero.

"Because I mean he like helped me get over my drug addiction," said Beattie.

Aliah Moccasin is getting outpatient treatment at Day Break and said Macklemore's music and his message has made a big impact in her life.

"He proved to me that no matter what it's your choice to do good or not and that's what really helped me," said Moccasin.

Moccasin is now 2 1/2 months sober.