Loyal GU basketball fans pitch "Tent City"

Loyal GU basketball fans pitch "Tent City"

SPOKANE, Washington - Gonzaga students are braving the cold weather Sunday evening and sleeping outside ahead of Monday night's basketball game against San Diego St. University.

If you've never experienced "Tent City" at GU, you probably don't know why students go crazy for it. But the first tent numbers get first entrance into Monday night's game. It's a chance for students to show their Zag pride as they sleep in a tent while their dorms are likely just feet away.

"I'm going to take the night in the tent, but that means tonight I get to get some studying done, so that's good," said Gunnar Schultz, who is sleeping in tent 108.

And for some students, like the occupants of tent number two, being anywhere but the front row isn't an option.

"We're front row for third game in a row," said sophomore Noni Weigand.

But, even if you're not in tents one or two, students say you can't miss out on "Tent City."

"This is all just part of the experience, part of the GU experience," Schultz said.

Gonzaga plays SDSU Monday night at 9 p.m.